We are the Tech Collective

What we do

Tech Collective offers a modern and convenient take on office space.

Our cutting-edge premises offer flexibility and technological infrastructure to tech businesses of all shapes and sizes, long term or short term.

We offer purpose-built work spaces ranging from extended-lease offices right down to week-to- week hot desk options.

Tech Collective is in effect like a new-age watering-hole, where businesses of all kinds work side by side, reaping the benefits of networking and collaboration.

Each Tech Collective is managed by a dedicated property management team allowing you get on with the business of growing your business without the cost and effort of running an independent office.

What we believe in

We believe in creating environments where future-focused businesses can cohabitate and interface.

We see this new way of working as a conduit to fresh ideas and innovation.

We believe our contemporary work space concept will enable more and more tech based companies to work effectively in locations beyond the main centres.

Ultimately we believe you should love where you work! Our Tech-Collective work-spaces are designed to offer you ultimate flexibility and a ready-built community of like-minded associates.

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